You are doing salary negotiation wrong

  1. You are underpaid. If you are a woman you are on average paid 15% less that your male collegaues. I am going to stop right there and let that sink in. So when you are negotiating your next move. Your STARTING POINT should be 15% higher — for the same role. More if you are applying up.
  2. The first thing out of your mouth when you get on the phone is to ask them the salary range. If a recruiter calls you — say that you just want to make sure we are not wasting time. They will fumble. It will be slightly awkward for you both. Then they will tell you. This will start you higher than you had thought to start. Why? Because you are underpaid.
  3. If you need to provide a salary range before that call make it obnoxiously big and also see point one. So if your brain says ok I really want to get 60K for this role. Then say 55–85K. See what I did there. I made what you really want at the bottom of that range. Why? So you can negotiate silly :)
  4. So you are gunning for an increase during your yearly review. You have made a powerpoint. You have looked up ranges on glassdoor. Awesome. Throw them away. Stop trying to prove yourself. You already have. We already know who you are at work and we are prepared with what we are bringing to the table. We don’t care about glassdoor. Truly. Your boss will come to you with a number. (say 2.3%) and you will counter. I was hoping for closer to 7% :)
  5. STOP TALKING. Yes you heard me right. STOP TALKING. Stop saying this — “I feel that I have made a valuable contribution blah blah blah” Say I am looking at the 6% range or whatever number. Why? Because then you scare us. You make people think that you have done your homework and that you know something we don’t. THAT YOU ARE SMARTER THAN US. Men do it all the time. Time for you to do it to.



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Allison Venditti

Allison Venditti


Career Coach, HR pro and advocate for working mothers. I write about working, parenting, HR & all that falls in between. #paytransparencynow