The Pandemic Did Not Cause the Downfall of Women — our government has seen to that since 2018.

  • Halted legislation for Equal Pay for Equal Work meant to ensure workers are paid for work not based on their gender/colour/vulnerability
  • Blocked the $15 minimum wage, meant to ensure wages paid are a living wage.
  • Stopped paid sick days, risking the healthy and safely of the most vulnerable workers
  • Rolled back health and safety measures designed to protect young and new workers
  • Removed funding to midwives
  • Dismantled our public education — publicly attacking teachers, unions and more
  • Raised class sizes as we begged for smaller ones
  • Cut the office meant to protect children in foster care (Child Protection Office)
  • Refused to act to protect Long Term Care Residents and staff despite reports, requests and proposals from medical professionals — they deemed it “too expensive”
  • Attacked us



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Allison Venditti

Allison Venditti


Career Coach, HR pro and advocate for working mothers. I write about working, parenting, HR & all that falls in between. #paytransparencynow