Being left out of the bubble world

Last week in Ontario the new strategy for the pandemic was announced. Increase your social circle into a “bubble.” Choose another family. Grandparents. Get the support you need.

Social media exploded with pictures of happy grandparents. Siblings. Family units of 2 healthy adults and 2.2 children were now heading to the park. Swapping off kids.

Our laneways were full of new additions to the stroller walks. Mothers and daughters. Cousins and close friends.

But for many people there was silence.

Not wanting to take away from all the happiness they said nothing.

Those with special needs children — who others don’t want to take on in their bubble because they feel it would add to their burden.

Those with more than 2 kids who would be way more work to add to your bubble.

Those with medical conditions.

Those with no close family.

Single parents.

Those who recently arrived and have few connections.

All the people who would really need the support of a bubble are being left behind. And they are not ok.

Specialists, in home support, occupational therapists, autism support. All striped away.

Specialized school programs. Schedules. Support. All gone.

For all those people out there for whom this change just made this situation so much harder. I see you. Crying in the bathroom. Not sleeping at night. Feeling the weight of your loneliness grow.

You already know you can do hard things. No one needs to tell you that. It has never been easy.

It is ok to not be ok.

Our reality is that help is not coming. And someone just needed to say that outloud.


Allison Venditti is a Career Coach, HR professional and Return to Work expert. She is the founder of the Facebook Group Moms at Work and owner of

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